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Gear design was changed to improve durability. Therefore the AX-12A Gear Set (SKU No. 902-0087-001) is not compatible with former AX-12+ Gear Set (SKU No. 903-0087-000).



AX-12A is a new version of the AX-12+ with the same performance but a more advanced external design. It is 100% compatible with the AX-12+, has the same dimensions and uses the same control method.








CAUTION: No Accessories(e.g. cable, bolts,...) included






Hardware Specifications

 Product name





 32mm x 50mm x 40mm

 Gear Ratio

 254 : 1

 Operation Voltage (V)


 Stall Torque (N.m)

 1.5 (12V)

 Stall Current (A)


 No Load Speed (RPM)

 59 (12V)


 Cored Motor

 Minimum Control Angle

 About 0.29° x 1,024

 Operating Range

 Actuator Mode : 300°

 Wheel Mode : Endless turn

 Operating Voltage

 9~12V (Recommended voltage : 11.1V)

 Max. Current


 Standby Current


 Operating Temperature

 -5°C ~ 70°C

 Command Signal

 Digital Packet


 Half duplex Asynchronous Serial Communication

 (8bit,1stop,No Parity)

 Link (physical)

 TTL Level Multi Drop (daisy chain type Connector)


 254 ID (0~253)

 Baud Rate

 7843bps ~ 1 Mbps

 Feedback Functions

 Position, Temperature, Load, Input Voltage, etc.


 Case : Engineering Plastic

 Gear : Engineering Plastic

 Position Sensor


 Default Setting

 ID #1 (1 Mbps)

 Compatible Products

 Click : Compatibility Chart


 Click : 2D and 3D


 Click : e-Manual















































Frame Purchase Guide

  • The old horns are only compatible with the old frames and the new horns are only compatible with the new frames.
  • If you are using the OLD horns, you MUST purchase the OLD frames. If you are using the NEW horns, you MUST purchase the NEW frames.
  • If you are using OLD horns, but want to use new frames, you MUST use both NEW horns and NEW frames.

EXAMPLE: If you are using the RX-64 HN05-N1 Set(Horn Rx-64), you must purchase the RX-64 FR05-H1 Set(OF-RX64H Set).


Controlling Environment

  • Software for Dynamixel control : ROBOPLUS - Download
  • C/C++, C#, Labview, MATLAB, Visual Basic : Library – Download
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